Saturday, December 12, 2009

Raphael Rodriquez (3 Total in Family)

December 1, 2009, Tuesday

The mission was opening up a new area in Chrystal City Ward in Arlington, Virginia. As part of Elder Maldonado’s job in the Mission Office, he found an apartment for the Elder’s there. They went down this day to finalize a lease for an apartment for the Missionaries, for Elders Gannaway and Reeves to live in. Raphael Rodriquez was the leasing agent they met with, he took them over to see the apartment and they were checking it for any problems or repairs that it may need. While Sister Maldonado was doing some last minute checking in the kitchen area Elder Maldonado was talking to Raphael. He said to Raphael, “we have been working in the mission office as missionaries and we have been kicked out and are full time missionaries now, and we need people to teach missionary discussions too.” He then asked Raphael if he knew of anyone that may be interested. Raphael was in deep thought at that time and Sister Maldonado spoke up and said how about you, would you like to hear about our church? He said, yes, I think I would. She asked him if he has a family. He said that he has a wife and a 6 month old baby. Sister and Elder Maldonado talked with him a little bit about how important families were. They asked him for his address and phone number, which he gave to them. They told him that they would bring a Book of Mormon and a Christmas Lights invitation to him the next day. They asked him if he knew where the Temple was. He said is it that castle all lit up? They told him they would see him tomorrow when they come back to bring a check for the first month’s rent. They did return the next day on December 2, 2009. They asked for Raphael but Dan in the office helped them, because Raphael was on the phone. They paid the rent and got the keys, then Sister Maldonado asked was Raphael available, they wanted to say hi to him. He couldn’t find him at the time. What was unique about this is Sister Maldonado had to go the restroom and went through the Apartment lounge area looking for it. As she went through some double doors to go down the hall, she ran into Raphael. She told him that she was happy to see him, because Elder Maldonado had some things for him. Elder Maldonado then loaned him a Book of Mormon and gave him the Christmas Lights invitation for the Visitors Center. Elder Maldonado called the missionaries in the Crystal City Ward to tell them about Raphael. He is living in the same apartment complex as they are going to be in. He also called Sister Cordner in the office to give her Raphael as a referral. He is not in their assigned area in the Mission, but this was a neat experience for them, even though they don’t get to teach him.